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Hi, I'm Marie-Claire

Thai Wellness Travel is a leading Medical Tourism Facilitator with a wealth of experience in helping thousands of people to make the correct choices about their treatments and choose the correct hospital or clinic. Based in Bangkok, we will assist you with everything you need to make the decision about choosing the best medical provider for your specific needs and budget.

We deal with a large number of hospitals and specialized clinics throughout the country and are extremely experienced in sourcing exactly the right doctors for every individual. Choosing the best hospital is not easy in a foreign country with a different language, especially as there are many exceptionally good options.

We have the knowledge and experience to guide you effortlessly, so you feel confident and relaxed knowing your health is in the best hands.


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How can I help you find the best healthcare?

At Thai Wellness Travel, we aim to provide you a personal service. Helping you with your decisions and guiding you to find the most suitable option for your requirements. We have a wealth of knowledge about hospitals, clinics and everything they offer and are up to date with the latest technologies and services.

We have helped people from all over the world who chose Thailand as their medical destination and we believe everyone who makes choices through us will be happy we assisted them. Start your journey to wellness today and contact us in Bangkok.

About Marie-Claire

Marie-Claire has been based in the Thai capital Bangkok for almost a decade. She gained a wealth of experience helping people from The Middle East embark on their medical trips to Thailand and working with various hospitals to ensure everyone was directed and placed in the right hands.

After several years assisting people from a part of the world she had spent 20 years working with Royals and high profile people, Marie-Claire launched Thai Wellness travel and is at the heart of the company operations. She will be your point of contact and make all decisions regarding your treatment in Thailand.

With a clear understanding about medical tourism and a wealth of knowledge about Thailand, Marie-Claire will make you feel comfortable, relaxed and confident. She is always on hand to help you, answer questions and ensure your trip is successful and enjoyable.

Navigating medical care in Thailand can be overwhelming for many, especially for those unfamiliar with the healthcare system and cultural nuances. With the vast array of hospitals, clinics, and treatment options available, people often seek guidance to ensure they receive the most suitable care for their needs. From understanding language barriers to deciphering treatment costs and selecting reputable healthcare providers, having assistance and guidance can streamline the process, alleviate concerns, and ultimately lead to better health outcomes.



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Success stories from our satisfied customers

"Seeking medical care in Thailand was the best decision I made. The combination of world-class facilities and compassionate healthcare professionals ensured I received top-notch treatment, surpassing all my expectations."
Olivia Spencer
Tumor Patient
"Marie-Claire was outstanding and guided me through all the steps. She made everything very simple and got me an excellent deal. Will certainly go back to her again in the future"
Paul Watson
Cosmetic Surgery
"Thailand was a perfect choice for my recovery. I highly recommend Thaiwellnesstravel. They were very responsive and have excellent connections with all the best Doctors and hospitals in Thailand. A really top-notch service for a very reasonable price. Thanks Marie-Claire for everything. You were amazing.
Peter Hill
Bone Marrow Transplant